Voltar à terra

Dia da Terra & Earth Day

- Abril 20, 2021 -

Dia do nosso Planeta Terra é todos os dias. Mas durante esta semana pessoas do mundo inteiro juntam-se para contar as suas histórias, ações amigas do ambiente e fazer ecologia. Se quiserem junta-se a este networking de pessoas que amam o planeta Terra aqui está o link. Earthday

Quer proteger o planeta? Comece em casa. Want to protect the planet? Start at home.

“When I was younger, I was in love with aircraft engineering, so I set my eyes toward the sky. I thought studying engineering was the best path for me, but I took a sharp turn when my father suggested I add Environmental Sciences to my list of introductory university courses. I knew nothing about environmental sciences at the time, but my father is in construction and noticed how the engineers he consulted were increasingly collaborating with environmental scientists. He could never have imagined that his suggestion would dramatically shift my vision from the sky to one firmly rooted in the earth. and (continues here)

Fotos: Estelle Valente na Quinta do Pisão com os burros lanudos.:)

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