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“Depth Ecology and Wild Ethics: Between the Human Animal and the Animate Earth”

- Fevereiro 3, 2019 -

Conheci o David Abram numa palestra muito ecologista e especial na Culturgest e vale mesmo a pena seguir o seu trabalho: filósofo, ecologista, antropólogo e maior amigo do ambiente que alguma vez vi. Com uma compreensão da natureza muito especial.

Leituras e pesquisas muito verdes para tornar o mês de Fevereiro, num mês especial!


“To all Lovers of the wild Earth, to all allies of the terrestrial imagination (to all who labor secretly or openly for the liberation of the more-than-human world, alive with thick-forested mountains and snuffling bears and meandering rivers milky with snowmelt, and alive, too, with community rituals honoring the seasonal migrations of sandhill cranes and salmon while grieving the loss of each uncanny species that goes missing): I’m excited to announce a new learning intensive that I’ll begin teaching at the end of May! Entitled Depth Ecology and Wild Ethics: Between the Human Animal and the Animate Earth, the course will gather for three separate weeks over the course of a year, in the foothills of the southern Rockies near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The intensive is open to philosophers and scientists and poets, to activists and artists and psychotherapists, college professors and street performers, physicians and farmers and physicists, field biologists and ethno-botanists – to all who seek a more full-bodied and exuberant way of living in service to what matters, a form of life that doesn’t plunder but rather blesses this breathing biosphere. Each of the three sessions will interweave close, participatory teaching, rich conversation, and experiential encounters with the local earth – exploring the high desert ecology of the upper Rio Grande Valley and the aspen-thick slopes of the southern Rockies. There’ll be quiet contemplation and solo time, vivid storytelling, and creaturely shapeshifting. Solidarity with the winds and the waters, spontaneous poetics, and a grounded, earthly magic are the tools by which we conjure the real in its wonder. Our aim is cultural metamorphosis.” David Abram

Depth Ecology and Wild Ethics: Between the Human Animal and the Animate Earth


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