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Dedicate – a 30 day yoga journey

- Dezembro 26, 2018 -

“Find what Feels Good” Yoga with Adrienne

Descubram o que vos faz sentir bem!!!

Bom Ano!!!

Hi Anabela,

I am so very honored to share this experience together. An offering for both body and mind, this special 30 Day Yoga Journey is designed to strengthen, balance and spiral you back to what feels good. I offer prompts for meditation and modifications for beginners to intermediate and advanced yogis.

We are so happy that you are IN.

Get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy! Invite change, beckon growth, and discover your own unique rhythm. 

Work your body, open your mind, and return to your heart. 

You’ll get a workout, you’ll gain awareness. 

Be prepared to not only see, but feel massive results.


  • paying attention
  • building muscle 
  • cultivating joint stability 
  • improving body function 
  • increasing clarity of mind
  • stimulating stagnant energy
  • resolving stress
  • tuning into your natural rhythm 
  • relaxing
  • enjoying
  • having fun

DEDICATE is made with love and with you, the at home yogi, in mind. 

We each have something that pulls the soul. 

These practice sessions offer you dedicated time to not only get fit… but to listen to the yearning.

What’s in your heart?

Get ready for a unique ride, surely a challenge, but more importantly, an opportunity. 

Dedicate your self to showing up for yourself and you will equip yourself with the tools you need to contribute something meaningful to your loved ones, to strangers, to your neighbors, to society.



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