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Amazon Fires – Take Action

- Agosto 24, 2019 -

Sign The petition: https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/

Text: DR.Gemma Newman

“How can we help save the Brazilian rainforest and its people? Thoughts and prayers, yes. Donations to the rainforest alliance, yes. But one of the very biggest things we can do, is to stop companies from burning the rainforest down for cattle grazing. How? We reduce demand for their product. We stop eating their beef. Any beef or steak or mince we eat has a supply chain. Unless you personally know the cow or the farm where your meat was raised, you can never be sure where it came from. This is such a simple solution, and it is free. 
Have you, like me, been devastated and shocked by the news released by Brazil’s Space Research Center that satellite images show rainforest fires are more widespread and rampant than ever before? INPE announced this week that the number of fires in Brazil is 80% higher than last year. More than half are in the Amazon region, spelling disaster for the local environment and ecology. This also spells disaster for all of us. The Brazilian rainforest is the only rainforest that we have left in terms of size and diversity.
Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef, providing close to 20% of the total global exports, according to the USDA. Last year Brazil shipped 1.64 million tonnes of beef – the highest volume in history. If you feel helpless, you CAN do something. Stop supporting this trade. Start supporting companies who help indigenous populations and rainforest products like @sambazon. 
It’s an idea that Finland has already floated. On Friday, Finland’s finance minister called for the European Union to “urgently review the possibility of banning Brazilian beef imports” over the Amazon fires. Europe is one of the biggest recipients of Brazilian bred beef. 
Global beef production is increasing to meet demand. The majority of that expansion will be in countries like Brazil. Please realise you are powerful and you can make a difference. Your decisions have a ripple effect on those around you too. We all do what we can (and I am by no means perfect🤪). But this is something we can all do. It costs nothing and it does make an impact. The resources we need for a cleaner world are dying. Let’s not be part of it. 🌏

 Image is a painting by Giovanna Madeiros

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